Why are U.S. conservatives siding with the British royal family?

Why are U.S. conservatives siding with the British royal family?

[Ed. – I’ll have to take the author’s word for it, as I’m not in this fight.  See what you think.]

To liberals, Meghan Markle was the victim of a problem much broader than her own life. Her marriage to Prince Harry was undertaken either with ignorance about how the royal family works—because it’s hard to see cold reality through a romantic fairy tale, or because your in-laws always put on a friendly face at the start—or with a hope that an antiquated institution was ready for the real change she represented. The disaster that resulted, according to this view, is the fault of the institution—and the rigid inside players who set the rules of what Markle referred to as “the Firm.” The monarchy was never ready to change. And someone like Markle, idealistic and well-meaning, never had a chance against that antiquated power.


But many American conservatives had a different point of view: That Meghan should have known exactly what she was getting into—and, in fact, should have been thankful for the astounding privilege that had been bestowed upon her. Her declaration that she hadn’t researched Harry’s background before she dove into a relationship strained credibility …

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