Haley, Rubio get in rhetorical tiff, for some reason

Haley, Rubio get in rhetorical tiff, for some reason
Nikki Haley (Image: YouTube screen grab via Speaker Paul Ryan)

[Ed. – This is kind of humorous, but with a serious undertone.  It basically looks like a highly avoidable meltdown by “moderate-conservative” stalwarts.  You can’t unsee this stuff, just as you can’t unhear the bedazzled cow chips Haley was throwing at Trump a few weeks ago.  While the Democrats and media are busy heaving each other under the bus (e.g., Andrew Cuomo), even the self-appointed “better class” of Republican is falling on itself.  I don’t foresee a lot of individuals surviving this moment of near-universal derangement politically.  Incidentally, although Rubio’s answer was probably politically “right,” Haley’s critique of his proposal has merit.  What’s dissonant is the tooth-and-claw atmosphere.]

Haley wasn’t done, though. More recently, she took a shot at Marco Rubio, describing his policy wants as “socialism lite.” This per Real Clear Politics.

To Nikki Haley, Rubio is worse. In what was seen as a veiled shot, the former Southern Carolina governor and U.N. ambassador — and presumed 2024 presidential hopeful — dismissed his proposed common-good capitalism as “hyphenated capitalism.” That, she said, “is no capitalism at all. The better name for it is socialism lite.”

What a brilliant argument by Haley. I mean, as long as you throw out a conservative buzzword like socialism, then what else is there to even really discuss?


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Rubio responded with the right answer, in my opinion, calling Haley’s argument lazy.

The son of Cuban exiles bristles when asked about the Haley-hyphenation. He welcomes debate but not that barb. He called it a “lazy argument,” adding, “I’m not somebody that needs to be lectured on socialism. …

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