Microsoft leads industry effort that could destroy online privacy

Microsoft leads industry effort that could destroy online privacy
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[Ed. – This isn’t something where the price of loading content would be authenticating who you are.  It points to comprehensive tracking of the provenance of everything put on the Web, starting with the CPUs of the vast majority of computers in use on the planet.  In other words, it’s applying China’s envisioned standard of public surveillance to the whole world.]

Microsoft has teamed up with a number of tech and media companies to create a system of tracing content around the internet that could destroy online privacy and anonymity, radically transforming the nature of the web. …

According to Microsoft’s press release, it has partnered with several other organizations to form the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA).

Put simply, the purpose of this organization is to devise a system whereby all content on the internet can be traced back to its author.

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Consider the companies that have signed on to this initiative. Leading the pack is Microsoft, which operates Word, Paint, Notepad, Edge, and the Office Suite. …

Then there’s Adobe …

There’s also Truepic …

Finally, there’s Intel, which dominates the market in laptop and desktop central processing units (CPUs).

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