If Trump runs in 2024, could this man be his running mate?

If Trump runs in 2024, could this man be his running mate?
Vernon Jones (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – I’d vote for him.  I’ve liked the cut of his jib since he started quietly but courageously bucking the Democrats’ orthodoxies from his statehouse seat in Georgia.  Without higher-level executive office experience he’d be a long shot, but he’d probably be a very effective campaigner.]

While being interviewed by a One America News correspondent on Saturday, one of the big scoops of the weekend happened when former Georgia REP Vernon Jones told her, “I’ll be going to Iowa, New Hampshire…and other places… stay tuned.”

So it looks like Jones could be throwing his hat in the ring as a possible presidential candidate for 2024.

And even more likely, Trump’s VP pick, should he decide to run in 2024.

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Even though some in Georgia think Jones might be looking at the Georgia Secretary of State job or even be considering running for Governor, his comments at CPAC lead me to believe that he has bigger aspirations than that if he’s going to be headed to Iowa.

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