Liz Cheney drops the ball on white supremacy

Liz Cheney drops the ball on white supremacy
Liz Cheney (Image: YouTube screen grab)

Ed. – Eventually she’ll switch parties altogether and live forever victimized by white guilt and all the other benefits of joining the ‘party of intellect.’]

Liz Cheney managed to hang onto her job after voting to impeach Donald Trump, but she hasn’t been having a great month. Compounding matters is her curious choice to reinforce liberal stereotypes of Republicans this week. During an online meeting hosted by the Reagan Institute yesterday, Cheney decided to chime in on how she thinks the GOP needs to polish up its brand. She insisted that the Republican Party needs to make it clear that “we’re not the party of white supremacy.” While I’m pretty sure nobody actually wants to be the party of white supremacy, her remarks were all the more confusing because she was saying this in the context of responding to the January 6 Capitol Hill riot. So how is she managing to conflate these two topics? (NY Times)

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