Dominion Voting Systems sues MyPillow CEO for $1 billion

Dominion Voting Systems sues MyPillow CEO for $1 billion
Newsmax meltdown: Anchors Heather Childers and Bob Sellers encounter guest Mike Lindell. Newsmax video via Twitter

[Ed. – Dominion has nothing to lose now that SCOTUS has dismissed Pa. case on the spurious grounds it is a ‘moot’ argument since the the election has already been decided.]

One of the largest makers of voting machines in the U.S. on Monday sued a prominent supporter of former President Donald Trump, alleging that the businessman had defamed the company with false accusations that it had rigged the 2020 election for President Biden.

Dominion Voting Systems sued Mike Lindell, chief executive of Minnesota-based MyPillow Inc., and his company in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, seeking more than $1.3 billion in damages.

In its complaint, the company cites a number of statements made by Mr. Lindell, including in media appearances, social-media posts, and a two-hour film claiming to prove widespread election fraud. Mr. Lindell said he helped produce the film, which he released online in early February.

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