‘Systemic racism’ is a conspiracy theory

‘Systemic racism’ is a conspiracy theory

[Ed. – Joe Biden, who gave the eulogy of the late U.S. senator and Ku Klux Klan member Robert Byrd, now preaches about the evils of systemic racism.]

The narrative behind movements like Black Lives Matter contends that hundreds – if not thousands – of black Americans are murdered by the state on an annual basis, that harassment and abuse of blacks by whites is constant, and that virtually all gaps in performance between racial groups must reflect hidden racism. These claims are almost universally false. But they have been accepted as conventional wisdom.

The pervasiveness of these ideas – despite the fact they are presented as ‘radical’ and ‘rebellious’ – is truly striking. The infamous (and entirely false) claim that an unarmed black male is ‘murdered’ by US police roughly once a day has been repeated by numerous BLM activists. A book called Open Season: the Legalised Genocide of Coloured People has become a bestseller.

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