Wokest Super Bowl yet tanks in the ratings

Wokest Super Bowl yet tanks in the ratings
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[Ed. – That’s too bad for Tom Brady fans, although on balance, Mahomes probably doesn’t mind.  The thing about the wokeness is that people didn’t tune in because they were already disgusted.  The dwindling audience wasn’t waiting to verify that, sure enough, the woke would be like a moldy smell around Super Bowl LV that wouldn’t quite go away.  Shipwreck captures that well.  I did think the Global Strike flyover came off beautifully.]

Twitter was on fire on Sunday afternoon and evening with complaints about the “wokeness” of just about every aspect of the Super Bowl — the NFL pregame show, the commercials, and the game itself.

As with just about every other effort by the NFL, the players, and the sponsors, all the steps at a left-ward tilt to bend a knee to the dominant media culture and shrieks of despair coming from the socialist/progressive left — including supplication to “Black Lives Matter” — have hit the NFL and the owners right in their wallets.


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The television ratings for Sunday’s Super Bowl show that it was watched by only 96.4 million viewers — broadcast and streaming — the lowest watched game since 2007, which had only 93 million viewers. …

In 2015, the game between Seattle and New England had an all-time high of 114 million viewers.

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