Maricopa County won’t turn over voting systems to comply with AZ Senate subpoena

Maricopa County won’t turn over voting systems to comply with AZ Senate subpoena
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[Ed. – The standoff continues.  Based on the state senate subpoena, the county had a Tuesday (2 February) deadline for handing the equipment over for a forensic audit.  But the county refused to do it.  The senate has now introduced a contempt resolution which could result in removal of the county board members.  Seriously: you don’t fight as hard as Maricopa County has been fighting this if you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide.  There is absolutely no valid reason why the state should not get a full forensic audit of the county’s voting machines.]

Maricopa County refuses to turn over elections equipment and ballots from the November general election to the Arizona Senate, escalating a fight between the dueling government bodies over election integrity oversight.

The Board of Supervisors, which announced its audit of the county’s election machines on Jan. 27, missed a Tuesday noon deadline to comply with a Senate subpoena following a meeting with the board’s attorneys, a local Fox affiliate reported.

Three days after Maricopa announced its audit, the Senate initiated its own parallel audit of elections equipment and materials, claiming the board’s audit does not meet the Senate’s request for a “deep forensic audit.” The Senate audit began on Tuesday with the issuance of the subpoena.

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