Why nuking the filibuster is anything but a slam dunk

Why nuking the filibuster is anything but a slam dunk
In political ad, Dem Sen. Joe Manchin pretends to shoot anti-Obamacare lawsuit with shotgun

[Ed. –Gee, what a shame.]

That 50-50 split, however, might also negate much benefit from getting rid of the filibuster. Yes, they could pass everything with 50 votes given Vice President Harris will break ties. But if Republicans vote in unison, Democrats could afford precisely zero defections. Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) comes from one of the reddest states in the country, and Democrats could also struggle to win votes from more moderate senators like Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Jon Tester (D-Mont.), or others who face reelection in tough states, like Sens. Mark Kelly (D-Ariz.) and Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.).

Manchin in particular looms as a tough vote for anything amounting to a truly bold, left-leaning agenda. On top of that, Democrats have few votes to spare in the House, with just a 10-seat majority — plenty of representatives are like Manchin and Tester, answering to conservative constituencies — meaning there will remain obstacles to big change. …

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