WaPo basically admits Trump didn’t incite Capitol riot

WaPo basically admits Trump didn’t incite Capitol riot

[Ed. – But don’t shake your pom-poms just yet.  What the mainstream media are doing now is cramming a whole enemies list into the Capitol riot, insisting that the prior planning of it reveals the evil of ordinary pro-life people – and others similarly harmless – as well as Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.  Who are by no means the same thing.  The Oath Keepers have zero history of protest violence.  Their profile is volunteer security for small businesses in places like Ferguson and Minneapolis, as well as volunteer U.S. border surveillance, working informally and respectfully with law enforcement.  From the Left, this really is an “enemies list” operation going on.]

With the second bogus impeachment in the books, the Washington Post has finally seen fit to admit that President Trump did not incite the storming of the U.S. Capitol on January 6 with his speech, acknowledging that it was, in fact, planned in advance.

The article, published Tuesday, the day before Biden’s inauguration, declares in its headline “Self-styled militia members planned on storming the U.S. Capitol days in advance of Jan. 6 attack, court documents say” and opens with the following paragraphs.

Self-styled militia members from Virginia, Ohio and other states made plans to storm the U.S. Capitol days in advance of the Jan. 6 attack, and then communicated in real time as they breached the building on opposite sides and talked about hunting for lawmakers, according to court documents filed Tuesday.

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