This ‘Caucasians’ t-shirt is going viral for mocking NFL’s Redskins

This ‘Caucasians’ t-shirt is going viral for mocking NFL’s Redskins
Caucasians t shirt

[Ed. – This is not the first time liberals have tried to get whites and/or conservatives to walk a mile in their shoes. In 2016, black sportscaster Bomani Jones modeled a shirt that was a send-up of the Cleveland Indians logo in which, among other things, Chief Wahoo’s feather was replace by a dollar sign. ‘Watch how some white folks get all upset when they become the mascot,’ Jones predicted. Sales of the parody skyrocketed. Meantime, I’m still waiting for my ‘New York Jews’ baseball cap, an image of which was released in 2013 by an Indian rights group. The cap was emblazoned with a cartoonish rendering of a man with ‘Hebraic’ features — read: a big shnoz — wearing a yarmulke). –HP]

No, this isn’t a new football team — just Twitter discourse at its finest.

A photograph of a presumably indigenous man wearing a red-and-gold T-shirt that reads “Caucasians,” a parody of the NFL team formerly known as the Washington Redskins, has sparked a viral debate on Twitter.

The photograph shared by @infamouschar appears to have been lifted from the original user, who was not credited, and the man in the image remains anonymous.

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Nevertheless, the tweet has raked in more than 525,000 likes in 36 hours, with many in the replies vowing to buy a version of the novelty shirt for themselves.

However, others argued that the relatively tame irony didn’t go far enough to actually offend white people, pointing out that “redskin” is a racial slur against indigenous Americans, while team mascots such as the Vikings and the Celtics are not regarded as insults to white cultures.

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