Vote fraud will expand if Democrats win Georgia’s Tuesday Senate election

Vote fraud will expand if Democrats win Georgia’s Tuesday Senate election

Vote fraud will get much worse if Democrats win Tuesday’s run-off election in Georgia. That election will fill two Senate seats. If the Democrats win those races on Jan. 5, they will they take control of the U.S. Senate. The Democrats back legislation such as H.R.1 that abolishes safeguards against vote fraud such as voter IDs.

If Democrats win Georgia’s Senate seats, that will result in the appointment of left-wing judges who are more tolerant of practices that allow fraud and double-voting, both in Georgia and across the country.

Georgia already has a few left-wing trial judges who have made it harder for Georgia to enforce laws against vote fraud, although thankfully, not that many. Democratic senators will give it a lot more such judges.  Senators play a key role in selecting federal trial judges in their state. They can block a president from picking a judge they oppose, through a practice known as the “blue slip.” Presidents commonly accept Senators’ recommendations of whom to appoint as trial judges in their state.

The Democratic candidates for Georgia’s Senate seats, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, are staunch left-wingers, not moderates like former Senator Sam Nunn. They will use their influence as senators to ensure that the judges a president appoints are the most left-wing possible. By contrast, if the Republican candidates for Georgia’s Senate seats, David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are elected, they will use their “blue slip” authority to keep left-wing judges from being appointed to the federal bench in Georgia.

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Vote fraud is already a reality in Georgia. But right now, illegal votes in Georgia seem to be largely confined to left-wing Fulton County, where over 1,000 voters illegally cast two ballots according to Real Clear Investigations. In most of the state, voting appears to be fair.

But that will change if more left-wing judges are appointed. With more left-wing judges and legislation, vote fraud in Georgia could get much worse, making it much harder for Republicans to win future statewide races in Georgia. Many times more fraudulent votes would be cast, and thousands and thousands more illegal votes would be cast. Georgia is already a challenging state for the GOP to win, and Republicans won the 2018 governor’s race by only a tiny 1.4% margin.

A Democratic victory in Tuesday’s election will also result in more crime in Georgia, as more soft-on-crime judges get appointed to the federal bench. They will overturn state-court convictions for reasons that have nothing to do with guilt or innocence.

Democratic Senate candidate Raphael Warnock is quite radical. So if he is elected, he is likely to sponsor radical judges in Georgia. Those judges will find excuses to release violent criminals from prison. Even after a criminal has been convicted and sentenced by a state court and had his sentence upheld by the Georgia Supreme Court, he will still be able to get out of jail if he convinces a federal judge to grant him a writ of habeas corpus. For example, a judge recommended by Warnock could release a black criminal from jail by arguing that the criminal was denied due process merely by being tried in a courtroom where portraits of white judges hung.

That may sound like an absurdly trivial reason to overturn a criminal conviction. But a progressive judge in northern Virginia recently opened the door to such ridiculous arguments. He banished the portraits of past judges from a courtroom, just because they were “overwhelmingly” white. He declared in a ruling last month that their mere presence would violate a black defendant’s rights to due process, because 45 of the 47 judges shown in the portraits were white, rendering them “symbols” that black people are “of lesser standing.” The fact that this ruling was illogical did not keep it from being praised by the liberal Washington Post.

Radical judges are much more likely to come up with silly excuses like this to release violent criminals from jail.

Warnock himself has said he wants to raise taxes and largely “empty the jails.” He wants to release many dangerous people without bail, and, in his words, “open up the jails.” And in the past, when people suggested he wanted to “empty the prisons,” too, he didn’t deny that. Warnock has called cops “gangsters and thugs.”  And he refused to answer whether he’d support the Democratic Party’s most radical, far-reaching scheme: packing the Supreme Court with progressive judges. Warnock has said anti-American things. He has claimed America’s human rights record is worse than that of China and Iran. His church hosted the Communist Cuban dictator Fidel Castro and called him “one of the great leaders of the world.” Warnock has called Israel an apartheid state.

At least five cases of child abuse occurred at a youth camp run by Raphael Warnock. The Washington Free Beacon says Warnock’s camp also committed “multiple health and safety violations.” The New York Post describes one disturbing example of abuse at this link.

Liam Bissainthe

Liam Bissainthe is a real estate investor and recovering attorney.


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