The top 10 suppressed news stories of 2020

The top 10 suppressed news stories of 2020
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden

[Ed. – Expect the media to go into hibernation for the time being now that they sold their candidate — a mentally feeble seventy-eight-year-old — to the American people.]

Mysterious mutating lockdown: Has anyone ever figured out why it is OK for grocery store workers to remain on the job during an international pandemic while serving the needs of the entire population with no restrictions other than wearing a mask, but it is considered dangerous for gyms to open or, most ludicrously, for anyone other than spouses of governors to take their boat for a quick spin around the lake? …

Trump’s vaccine victory: While the president has been painted as anti-science, it was his administration’s support that led to the fastest turnaround ever from viral discovery to viral vaccine — essentially less than a year. …

Hunter Biden’s laptop: The ability to bury the Hunter Biden story throughout the 2020 presidential campaign ranks as one of the greatest victories in the history of propaganda.

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