A two-tier society of those with and without ‘immunity passports’

A two-tier society of those with and without ‘immunity passports’

[Ed. – Expect the ‘equity’ card to be played.]

Back in early April, while the pandemic was still gaining traction, I peered into my crystal ball and asked if the day was coming when we would end up creating a two-tiered system of freedom in our country. On the upper level would be those who had survived the virus (or received a vaccination when they became available) and were “certified immune” so they were free to go about their business. Below them would be those who were unable to get a vaccine or didn’t wish to have one. They might be forced to continue in lockdown, wearing masks and all the rest. I described this as a sort of dystopian, science-fiction future.

Well, welcome to the future. … [I]n New Hampshire [a] debate is underway as to whether or not your employer can make a COVID vaccination mandatory as a requirement for keeping your job.

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