Reputed ‘smartest man in the world’ believes U.S. election was stolen

Reputed ‘smartest man in the world’ believes U.S. election was stolen
Detroit: A vote-center worker blocks mail-in ballot counting from view to frustrate observers. Twitter video

[Ed. – He’s said to have an IQ of 200.  Not to spend too much time on this, but one of the big things IQ tests look for is ability to spot patterns and incorporate understanding of them in thinking processes.  Having a systematic view of the election as “stolen” involves pattern recognition and application across the board.  So it’s not a fool’s errand to give this guy his 5 minutes of attention.]

Christopher Langan is well renowned as the Smartest Man in America and indeed perhaps the world. Now, he’s railing against the alleged election fraud that “delivered” the race for Joe Biden. …

He also shared his view that there may need to be a second, what he calls “corrective,” election:

“Erasure or concealment of evidence is grounds for a second (corrective) election. There’s no way to legitimately certify an election in which crucial information has been deliberately destroyed, or in which corrupt officials and judges refuse to let the evidence be duly examined.”

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