The scourge of George Soros’s district attorneys

The scourge of George Soros’s district attorneys
George Gascón (Image: YouTube screen grab)

If you believe that the quality of life in Los Angeles is abysmal now with all of the homeless encampments, illegal aliens, and piles of human waste, it’s about to get much, much worse. Please address your “thank you” notes to L.A. County’s recently inaugurated district attorney, George Gascón.

Gascón spent his first day on the job dismissing charges against a “protestor” charged with attempting to derail a train, abolishing cash bail, and unveiling his list of “do not prosecute” crimes. Those crimes include trespassing, disturbing the peace, driving with a suspended license, driving without a license, criminal threats, possession of drugs or drug paraphernalia, possession of alcohol as a minor, drinking in public, being under the influence of a controlled substance, loitering, loitering to commit prostitution, and even resisting arrest. The document stresses that this list is “not exhaustive,” and it empowers assistant DA’s to add to the list at their discretion.

The list does include some exceptions to the policy, albeit self-defeating exceptions. For example, criminal threats will still be prosecuted — supposedly — if the perp has a history of threat offenses in the preceding two years. How this will work in practice remains to be seen as all that would remain on a repeat offender’s record would be an arrest — not a charge and certainly not a conviction. How can an American citizen, who is presumed innocent until proven guilty, be held accountable after his second infraction when the first one was never proven? Will police even arrest people for crimes listed on the “do not prosecute” list if they know that the charges will summarily dismissed? If I were a cop I certainly wouldn’t risk getting shot or stabbed just to arrest a guy with a “get out of jail free” card in his back pocket.

Gascón’s actions amount to a refusal to do his job. Unlike him, I do not have the latitude to pick and choose which of my job duties I will perform because my boss, in truly authoritarian fashion, insists that I complete all of them. Gascón, on the other hand, is allowed to perform only those duties that his personal sense of justice requires of him. Must be nice.

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At stake here is the very concept of law which has always been understood as not merely punitive but also as a deterrent. When word gets out that no one is really going to be punished for the aforementioned crimes, the incidence of such crimes will necessarily skyrocket. For all practical purposes, DA Gascón has legalized these behaviors in his jurisdiction — something that is not within his authority. He has usurped the powers of state and local governments and is apparently getting away with it.

It should come as no surprise that the left-wing billionaire George Soros contributed heavily to Gascón’s political campaign. Soros, who famously led a crusade against the corrupting influence of (other people’s) money in politics, gave $2.25 million to Gascón.

Don’t get me wrong — it’s entirely possible that Gascón might have won even without his creepy sugar daddy. I, for one, believe it to be an oversimplification to say that elections can be “bought” with enough cash. If that were the case, Michael Bloomberg would be president-elect right now and California voters would have passed Proposition 16 this past election — and rejected Proposition 8 in 2008.

But it can’t be mere coincidence that all of America’s worst district attorneys were elected with generous support from Evil Spooky Dude. In recent years, Soros has “gone local” in a big way, contributing large sums in small races — for district attorney, and occasionally for sheriff.

The strategy appears to be working like gangbusters and it’s changing the fabric of our country.

Soros has also donated generously to Philadelphia’s Larry Krasner, a former criminal defense and “civil rights” attorney who has called the criminal justice system “systematically racist.” At the height of this year’s BLM riots, Krasner threatened to arrest federal agents who “assault or kidnap” the darlings who were burning down the city he was supposed to be protecting. By “assault[ing] or kidnap[ping,]” he was attempting to portray the legitimate use of force — restraining and arresting — as downright criminal. “It’s the least we can do to honor those who fought fascism, including those who are fighting it even now,” said Krasner.

Chicago’s “top cop” is Soros-funded Kim Foxx. In her city, which has a sometimes exaggerated reputation for gangland shootings, about six in ten murders go unsolved. Might I suggest that she’s not very good at her job?

Most people know Foxx as the prosecutor who dropped all charges against Jussie Smollett, the B-grade supporting actor who became a household name in 2019 when he staged a ridiculous hate crime hoax against himself starring a few MAGA-hat wearing white supremacists. In Chicago. On the coldest night of the year. And we were all supposed to believe him. Investigators later concluded that he had paid two huge Nigerian dudes to pretend to kick his ass. If they had actually been trying to hurt him, Jussie wouldn’t be breathing right now.

The police, much like the community at large, was outraged with the boy who cried wolf. Though it appears that he committed numerous actual crimes in the course of staging a faux hate crime, Kim Foxx dropped all charges without explanation.

And let’s not forget the Soros-funded DA of San Francisco, Chesa Boudin. If the surname sounds familiar it’s because he’s the son of Weather Underground matriarch Kathy Boudin, who was herself an accomplice to the murder of two cops and a Brinks security guard during an armored car heist. The botched robbery was intended to enrich the Black Liberation Army, a black militant group composed mostly of former Black Panthers. Chesa Boudin’s father is David Gilbert, also a Weather Underground terrorist who is currently serving time for the same murders. “Growing up, I had to go through a metal detector and steel gates just to give my parents a hug,” said Chesa in a campaign commercial, an obvious attempt to elicit sympathy.

Chesa Boudin, who was an infant at the time of the murders, was raised by two other Weather Underground terrorists, Bernadine Dohrn and Bill Ayers. All of his parents, both biological and adoptive, are fanatical left-wing terrorists.

But the sins of the father — and mother — are not the sins of the son, right? True enough; but Chesa Boudin really is a chip off the old block. As a young man he traveled to Venezuela to work as a translator for Hugo Chavez. In a 2009 essay he congratulated the Venezuelan dictator for abolishing term limits. He has championed “criminal justice reform” and refused to work with immigration enforcement. Like George Gascón, he has refused to prosecute quality of life crimes such as public urination, prostitution, camping, and drug use.

As Maxwell Meyer of the Stanford Review expertly put it:

In [Boudin’s] new San Francisco, a naked prostitute on heroin can defecate in a grocery store aisle, take up to $950 of goods, walk back to their tent on a city sidewalk, steal a handgun and drop some needles along the way, and then solicit sex or drugs‚ or both, to pedestrians outside a local business, with just a citation (if that).

Perhaps the most alarming action of Boudin’s tenure has been his waffling on a case involving a burglary suspect, Jamaica Hampton, who repeatedly smashed a vodka bottle over a police officer’s head and was subsequently shot. The DA’s office has spent the last year sending mixed signals about whether Hampton — or the cop who shot him — should be charged. The latest news is that they will both face charges, as if the cop wasn’t acting in self-defense against a violent criminal. Boudin isn’t saying what charges either party will face.

And the list goes on: St. Louis’s Kim Gardner, Austin’s José Garza, and San Antonio’s Joe Gonzales have all benefited handsomely from Soros’s largess. Paul Penzone received two million dollars from Soros to unseat the sheriff the Left loves to hate, Joe Arpaio, in Maricopa County, Ariz.

You might think that conservatives would be sounding the alarm about Soros’s stable of district attorneys — and indeed some have — but are we talking enough about it? In September, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich brought up Soros’s DA’s on FOX News and was promptly shut down. FOX News’s Melissa Francis chided Gingrich for raising the subject and Democratic shill Marie Harf smugly agreed, saying: “George Soros doesn’t need to be part of this conversation.” (RELATED: Marie Harf defends Susan Rice: We shouldn’t relitigate Benghazi)

So I guess it’s just one more subject that we aren’t permitted to discuss — not even on FOX News. If you do, you will get your hand slapped.

But we should talk about it. George Soros is one of the most villainous characters on the scene today. Voters should know what it’s in store for them if they elect one of Soros’s DA’s — riots, feces in the streetdemoralized police departments, and the arbitrary enforcement of the law.

Benny Huang

Benny Huang

Benny Huang is a lonely conservative in the very liberal Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. Born in Taiwan, he came to the United States at a young age. He also blogs at Patriot Update.


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