Is China laying groundwork for Caribbean military bases?

Is China laying groundwork for Caribbean military bases?
Main antenna at China's deep space ground station in Argentina. Presidency of Argentina photo via FP

{Ed. – What Lawrence Franklin lays out is characteristic Chinese infrastructure building, and may very well result in installing military capabilities in the Caribbean, as it has done in parts of South Asia (e.g., Pakistan, Myanmar) and Africa (e.g., Djibouti).  Russia has always tended to be much more overt in establishing bases overseas.  China never is.  That doesn’t mean China isn’t doing it.  The Chinese approach to the Caribbean is similar to the one we’ve seen to Greenland, which has excited Trump’s concern.]

China’s Communist Party (CCP) seems to be implementing a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean, reaping economic, political and potentially military gains a few miles offshore the United States. China’s ultimate objective of its Caribbean strategy may well be to confront the US, not only with its presence near the mainland US, but also with a situation analogous to America’s military presence in the region of the South China Sea. There, China created new islands in the sea, pledged not to militarize them, then went and militarized them.


Chinese shipments of military and police equipment to several Caribbean states could be developing into beachheads for future People’s Liberation Army (PLA) “advisory groups” in the Western Hemisphere. China’s construction projects already include the modernization of airports and seaports, which could increase Chinese geopolitical and military influence in the region. Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe already is on record expressing China’s willingness to deepen military cooperation with Caribbean countries.

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