The Biden era will be neither normal nor boring

The Biden era will be neither normal nor boring
Joe Biden (Image via Twitter)

[Ed. – If the Left really believes this claptrap about either Trump or Biden or both, they are in for a fall of cosmic proportions.]

Having spent the past four years with the political equivalent of heavy metal music blasting outside their psychic windows late into the night, millions of Americans are hoping that the Biden administration will usher in a new era of calm. They are likely to be disappointed.

To a limited extent, such wishes will be granted. Under President Joe Biden, the White House will no longer generate a cacophony of incompetence. Tweet tantrums will yield to process and predictability. Outright falsehood will be supplanted by more traditional spin, tethered to truth. Cabinet officers and appointees will conspicuously fail to match their predecessors’ reckless driving, or the ethical and policy car crashes that resulted. No one will be kidnapping migrant children and blithely deporting their parents to destinations unknown.

But while Biden may proceed with business as usual, the nation and the world will not.

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