Democrats still haven’t give up the Russia-Collusion fantasy

Democrats still haven’t give up the Russia-Collusion fantasy
Robert Mueller bobblehead

[Ed. – Yet these same people are the ones bristling over the news that A.G. Barr has appointed John Durham a special counsel to get to the bottom of these matters.]

These elite conspiracy theorists just don’t get it do they? Even now, they still refuse to accept that four years ago many Americans voted for Donald Trump because they – sincerely and in good conscience – wanted him to be president. …

But no, that’s not what happened, say the anti-Trumpers dominating the media and political set. What happened was this: the Russian state hacked the election. It secretly and unlawfully worked, that is to say colluded, with the Trump campaign to get The Donald elected. Voters didn’t elect Trump. Russia appointed him.

You would think they would have stopped spewing this conspiratorial bilge by now. After all, Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel Investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election revealed zero evidence of collusion.

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