The collapse of the Cuomosexual

The collapse of the Cuomosexual
Andrew Cuomo demonstrates how not to wear a face mask. Notice that his nose is not covered.

[Ed. – The Left continues to have a difficult time with the reality that Donald Trump was right about school closings, and they were wrong. (Warning: Gratuitous profanity.)]

The Andrew Cuomo New Yorkers know and mostly tolerate, the snarling attack dog who gaslights fellow Democrats and deploys staff to call his female critics “fucking idiots,” dropped down to Earth last week. It was a hard landing after a long-distance love affair with a fanbase in a galaxy far, far away.

In the middle of one of his now Emmy Award-winning (apparently for using “television to inform and calm people around the world”) Red Room press conferences, the governor blew a gasket. The trouble started when Jimmy Vielkind from The Wall Street Journal asked the obvious question that every New York City public school parent wanted to know: Will schools be open tomorrow? Cuomo’s months (years, really) of pissing all over Mayor Bill de Blasio have naturally caused confusion over who owns this loser of a decision. …

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