It wasn’t ideology that sank House Democrats, it was bad strategy

It wasn’t ideology that sank House Democrats, it was bad strategy
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[Ed. – The Left is going to delude itself into believing that the country is ready for socialism until there is a physical revolt against it.]

The results are still uncalled in several closely contested House races —      but that hasn’t stopped congressional Democrats from launching into “deep-dive” mode, trading bitter accusations as they try to come to terms with their party’s unexpectedly poor performance in key battleground districts this year. The scale of the losses has come to many as a shock, and yet the intramural immolation is all too familiar: Progressives accuse moderates of having alienated the party’s base, while moderates blame progressives for having scared off potential crossover voters, independents and even some Democrats in tough swing districts with sloganeering around “socialism” and calls to “defund the police.”

For the past 3½ years, through our organization, Square One, we have been working exclusively and on the ground with Democratic candidates running in precisely those sorts of districts. …And from our experience, we are sure that both arguments are wrong.

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