Is extreme masculinity to blame for America’s problems?

Is extreme masculinity to blame for America’s problems?
Mr. President, you forgot your mom jeans!

[Ed. – Hold on a second. Doesn’t Joe ‘I Should Take Trump Out Behind the Gym and Pummel Him’ also embody it even if he does wear a mask?]

2020 was never going to be easy. But it didn’t have to be a dumpster fire.

There’s an alternate timeline in which, amid a global coronavirus pandemic, vast majorities of Americans followed medical experts’ advice. In that timeline, the White House set a clear and simple example: Wear a mask; keep your distance. And then, a hard-fought presidential election ended with a gracious concession speech.

But we don’t live in that world. And there’s a bit of a grand unified theory that explains why 2020 has been so miserable: a particularly noxious strain of masculinity.

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Peter Glick, a social psychologist at Lawrence University in Wisconsin, has been watching the way Americans relate to one another for decades, and he’s recently seen an uptick in a very locked-in, confrontational version of American manhood. Trump, especially, embodies it. …

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