Botanist dares to ask: What if plants have personalities?

Botanist dares to ask: What if plants have personalities?
Image: Pixabay

[Ed. – Will that help the ugly ones find dates?]

Rick Karban … a professor at the University of California at Davis, is among the foremost researchers of plant signaling and communication. …

In the past 15 years or so, thanks to advances in plant genetics and a new openness toward plant research once considered fringe, botanists such as Karban have found that plants produce and respond to complex chemical signals. They can detect the slightest touch. They know when they’re shaded by a cloud or a fellow plant, and whether that plant is related to them. Several species can recognize their genetic kin and rearrange their bodies to avoid competing with siblings. They can manipulate predators to do their bidding and transmit electrical signals among their roots. One paper suggests that some may perform arithmetic division to keep from starving at night, when they can’t perform photosynthesis.

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