Trump is no longer the problem. His army of followers is

Trump is no longer the problem. His army of followers is
Pixabay; LU Staff

[Ed. – It’s true, lady. All your fears are justified. There are legions of mini-Trumps who will be coming after you with torches and pick-axes. Lock all your doors, climb under the covers, and hide.]

After four interminable years of feeling like turkeys who’d been stuffed full with Donald Trump — his voice in our ears, his tweets waking us, his erratic moods and feuds dominating all that passed as political news — we find ourselves now in this strange interregnum. Having spent years training ourselves to ignore that which threatened to consume us, we are faced with the fact that even his vanquished ghost will not leave. Yes, Donald Trump has lost the election (hasty reframe: Joe Biden has won the election!) No, there is nothing Rudy Giuliani can do to change that outcome in the courts (hasty reframe: The courts have batted down almost every single lawsuit Rudy has filed!). And yes, in a few short weeks we will mercifully never, ever, need to have this man occupy all of this space in our brains again.

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