House Democrats are poised to lose big in 2022

House Democrats are poised to lose big in 2022
House of Representatives (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – After two years of a Biden presidency, the Democratic losses are probably going to be record-setting … unless they have managed to game the system by then.]

As the House Democrats try to understand why their expected gains in 2020 turned out to be substantial losses, they should take a minute to reflect on the disastrous results of the midterms of 1994 and 2010 — the last midterm elections that followed the inaugurations of new Democratic presidents.

In 1994, I led the House GOP as we won a majority for the first time in 40 years. At the ballot boxes, the American people repudiated the Democrats’ left-wing policies, including tax increases, a huge health care proposal (Hillarycare) and efforts at gun control. Their vote was also a statement against President Bill Clinton, who shifted dramatically to the left as president after he had campaigned as a moderate.

In 1994, Republicans gained 6.4 percent to reach 51.5 percent of the total vote, while the Democrats dropped 5.4 percent to end up with 44.7 percent of the vote.

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