Joe Biden: As small as the moment demanded

Joe Biden: As small as the moment demanded
Joe Biden (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – This is what comes of an election where one party is less interested about electing their candidate as they are about unelecting the other party’s candidate. The buyer’s remorse on Biden will set in quickly.]

Sometimes, history is made by a man rising to meet the moment. Not so for Joe Biden, who made history by shrinking to his moment.

No new American president in living memory has won election by offering so little of himself and his agenda to the public. Even Jimmy Carter in 1976, with his famously vague platform and his promise to be the anti-Nixon who “will never lie to you,” was at least a man in the prime of his life who represented something distinct and new. …

What is new or vivid about Joe Biden? He’s old: at 78, older on his first day in office than any prior president on his last. Most new presidents are relatively fresh faces on the national scene; Biden has been in federal office for most of the past 48 years, and first ran for president 33 years ago.

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