BLM, Antifa attacks in D.C. on departing Trump marchers produce ‘mayhem,’ arrests

BLM, Antifa attacks in D.C. on departing Trump marchers produce ‘mayhem,’ arrests
Elderly Trump supporter, knocked off his scooter and doused with liquid, is taunted by black bloc attackers after MAGA March 14 Nov 2020. Twitter video, @SicarioScott

[Ed. – Numerous conservative outlet reporters and independent journalists were on hand for the “Million MAGA March” (which looked to me like it amounted to maybe 20,000-25,000 at its peak, although I just saw a report of up to 200,000.  Hard to tell as they were dispersed throughout the streets).  On social media, reporters  all said everything was quiet until the demonstration began to break up and the sun started going down.  That’s when black bloc groups showed up en masse and began attacking the Trump supporters.  There were several reports from Trump supporters that they were unable to go live on Facebook from their devices — apparently Facebook wasn’t going to allow information to be loaded in real time from the rally.  The auto-blocks would be easily made based on device location.]

To show their support, tens of thousands of Trump supporters marched on the nation’s capital on Saturday, prompting BLM-Antifa loons to respond with their typical violence, another thing to which the media turns a blind eye.  …

Some of the footage and language is very disturbing.

Warning: Graphic content and strong language

Trump supporters across the nation gathered in Washington, D.C. and state capitols throughout the country on Saturday for the “Million MAGA March.” Earlier in the day, President Trump decided to surprise his supporters in D.C. with a visit from his motorcade.

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