Who’s excited about a Biden presidency? Almost nobody

Who’s excited about a Biden presidency? Almost nobody
Joe Biden and his ghost (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – About the only claim Democrats can make for him is that he’s not Donald Trump, whom they hate worse than life itself.]

People said that Biden would be too old and senile to beat the political weather system that is Donald J. Trump. He has proved them wrong — just. He has been called a Democratic fossil, demented, his campaign a ‘zombie effort.’ Yet it turns out, in this morbid year of disease and crisis, a zombie candidate is exactly what the majority of Americans wanted.

Americans aren’t as optimistic as they used to be. … This year, in a strange turnaround, Trump tried to present himself as the bright-side candidate. ‘Don’t be afraid of COVID,’ he said, after his own brush with the virus, ‘Don’t let it dominate your lives.’ Biden, by contrast, promised voters ‘a dark winter’ of death and almost certainly more lockdowns and pandemic restrictions. Americans preferred the gloomy message. At the moment, it seems, free peoples seem to quite like the idea of not being free.

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