Biden campaign knew the media fix was in

Biden campaign knew the media fix was in
Biden eating what appears to be tapioca pudding (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – So much rotten in Denmark.]

One of the great mysteries surrounding the presidential election of 2020 has now been solved. For months, people on both sides of the aisle noted the huge discrepancy between the campaign styles of Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump was a dynamo, sitting for interviews, holding press conferences, participating in an ever-increasing series of rallies across the country.

Joe Biden, by contrast, rarely left his basement and when he did it was to address 10 or 15 carefully screened supporters or pundits who were coached about what they could say. Even Biden’s supporters, the innocent ones, marked the difference and were concerned. How could their candidate win when he basically refused to campaign?

We now know the answer.

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Biden didn’t really campaign because he — or at least his handlers — knew the fix was in. They knew that compliant polls would cook the numbers. …

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