Why the Biden blowout didn’t come to pass

Why the Biden blowout didn’t come to pass
Rachel Maddow (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Because there never was a Biden blowout?]

Democratic veteran James Carville, speaking for many in the chattering class, had confidently predicted earlier in the week that a Biden victory would be obvious by at least 10 o’clock on Tuesday night. That didn’t happen. Trump has proven harder for the Dems to kill than they thought. Will we know soon who has won the election?

Probably not. Even if Biden ends up winning, the closeness of the race is still an embarrassment for the media-polling complex. The Nate Silvers and Matt Drudges had told us that Biden enjoyed a 90 percent chance of winning, Once again, these biased soothsayers have shown themselves to be unreliable.

The hidden Trump vote would appear to have thrown off the polls again — a phenomenon that illuminates the inhibited political ethos a punishing media has fostered in this country, where a significant swath of America quite understandably conceals its real views. …

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