Are those BLM signs here to stay?

Are those BLM signs here to stay?

[Ed. – Only at pain of death (perhaps literally).]

Can you ever remove a Black Lives Matter poster?

White wokesters across the fruited plain will be agonizing over that social justice riddle tomorrow as they pull up their political yard signs. One way or another Biden 2020 will be over – but “systemic racism” is forever.

Dumping the raised fist they’ve proudly displayed these past months would suggest it was just an allyship of convenience, a paleface effort to exploit BLM to win an election. I think the sign has to stay, Karen.

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The permanent BLM yard sign is a symbol of the most significant outcome of this election: The Democratic Party’s embrace of a zero-sum, Darwinian view of America that commits its powerbrokers – who comprise much of the corporate and intellectual elite that runs the country – to grouping citizens into oppressors and the oppressed, and tackling the problem with a new vocabulary and social programs to match.

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