Coronavirus could age the brain by 10 years or cause IQ to fall

Coronavirus could age the brain by 10 years or cause IQ to fall
When hopes Biden remembered to wash his hands after touching the exposed part of his mask, which is one of the ways the virus is spread. (Image: AIR TV screen grab)

[Ed. – Maybe Biden’s problem is he has coronavirus]

Coronavirus survivors may be at risk of lasting cognitive damage, according to a study that found that in the worst cases the infection can cause mental decline equivalent to an 8.5-point fall in IQ or the brain ageing ten years.

The “brain fog” reported by many people weeks and months after their recovering from the virus may be a symptom of more serious cognitive deficits, scientists have said.

Research involving 84,285 people who had recovered from confirmed or suspected Covid-19 found that damage to the brain had happened to varying extents, depending upon the severity of the infection. However, more work is needed to identify how long this lasts.

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