Why woke history is not the answer

Why woke history is not the answer
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[Ed. – The real ‘woke’ is waking up to the reality that you’ve been had by the liberal Left.]

The United States may be the first country in history to tell a “noble lie” about its past that makes that past look worse, not better, than it actually was. For certain, the premodern history of the United States included a great deal of barbaric, uncivilized behavior: the conquest of Native American tribes, the enslavement of captured Africans, and the oppression of women. … But popular left-wing models of historical education, in the “1619 Project” and “Howard Zinn” traditions, regularly make claims about further injustices and atrocities that are simply not based in reality: for example, that Americans fought the Revolutionary War to preserve slavery, or that African-Americans struggled largely “alone” for freedom. Almost universally, these pedagogies also ignore both the context within which America’s undisputed sins took place — essentially all nations allowed slavery or serfdom until recent centuries — and the unique goods that America gave the world.

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