Barrett’s confirmation is proof that norms are dead

Barrett’s confirmation is proof that norms are dead
Amy Coney Barrett swearing in (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Even sadder than the supposed death of norms (which is an absurd exaggeration) is the continuing existence of the Left’s self-victimization, which proceeds from the principle that the only right way to govern is the ‘woke’ way the Democratic power base has been pushing.]

Democrats can do something about Barrett if they choose. But to protect the country from her and the movement she represents, they’ll have to break with the past. Her confirmation proves something that liberals should have understood by now: Norms are dead, and they aren’t worth the effort it would take to mourn them. Norms did not prevent Barrett from becoming a Supreme Court justice, just as they failed to prevent Trump from becoming president. Norms are part of the problem, and the party of McConnell has inadvertently provided a service by making this fact much more difficult to ignore.

What this means in practice is that business as usual cannot resume. “Business as usual” has, in fact, become meaningless. Within the context of the Supreme Court, McConnell already changed the rules of the game four years ago, when Barack Obama nominated Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court.

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