Trump won the debate – and won ‘bigly’ the post-debate

Trump won the debate – and won ‘bigly’ the post-debate
Joe Biden, Donald Trump (Images: Left—Telemundo, right—Fox News video

[Ed. – It will be interesting to see if Hanson is right. His thesis is that Biden can’t keep lying and denying; he’ll have to come out of the basement and face at least some of the music.  I hope we’ve all learned not to make confident predictions about those things by now.  VDH may be right.  But I think there’s an equal chance the media will abjectly beclown themselves by going all in on “helping” Biden to keep getting by on lies.  The glaring gaslighting that would represent could be one of the most epic instances of self-exposure in history.]

Far more importantly, the back-and-forth repartee will not matter other than Trump went toe to toe, but in a tough, dignified manner and beat Biden on points. …

What instead counts most are the days after.  The debate take-aways, the news clips, the post facto fact checks, and the soundbites to be used in ads over the next ten days all favor Trump. In this regard, Biden did poorly and will suffer continual bleeding in the swing states.

We will know that because by the weekend Biden will be out of his basement and trying to reboot his campaign and actually be forced to campaign.

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So we are going to hear over the next week that Biden simply denied the factual evidence of the Hunter Biden laptop computer, the emails, the cell phones, and the testimonies from some of the relevant players as a concocted smear, a Russian disinformation attack. That denial is clearly a lie. It is absolutely unsupportable. And Biden will have to drop that false claim.

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