Why Joe Biden won the final debate

Why Joe Biden won the final debate
Image: PBS screen grab

[Ed. – It was inevitable that some clown would watch the debate and come away with the impression that Trump was his “usual rude, mendacious, and petulant self’ and that he, not Kristen Welker, was the one who ‘frequently talked over’ the other.]

In Nashville on Thursday night Donald Trump and Joe Biden fought to a draw on the debate stage — which means that Biden won, and won big. That’s because he holds a national polling lead of nearly ten points, he’s been leading solidly on every day of the campaign from the beginning, the election is less than two weeks away, and the president did nothing in their final confrontation that’s likely to change the shape of the race.

Not that he didn’t try. Trump came out swinging and was his usual rude, mendacious, and petulant self. But he wasn’t quite the rampaging, appallingly boorish jerk he chose to be at the first debate three weeks ago in Cleveland. He frequently talked over moderator Kristen Welker and insisted on speaking longer than his allotted time, but he dialed back the aggressiveness just enough to keep from coming off as a thug. …

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