Kamala Harris’s record of anti-Catholic bigotry

Kamala Harris’s record of anti-Catholic bigotry
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[Ed. – Another question demanding an answer is where Biden, who is Catholic, fits into all of this. In 2019, onw church reportedly denied him communion over his stance on abortion.]

In 1958, as John F. Kennedy was preparing to run for president of the United States, polemicist Paul Blanshard published the second edition of his incendiary … bible of anti-Catholicism in American public life. … Kennedy, sensitive to the broad public sentiment reflected in these broadsides … renounced any claim that his Catholic faith might have on his moral life. Reducing his Catholicism to an accident of birth, Kennedy assured voters that it had no purchase on his political judgment. Sixty years later, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are, respectively, Kennedy’s religious and Blanshard’s polemicist heirs.

One difference between Blanshard and Harris, of course, is that the former possessed only the power of persuasion, whereas the latter possesses the power (and is campaigning for more) to institutionalize her bigotry against Catholics. …

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