Trump’s pressure campaign against Bill Barr is outrageous

Trump’s pressure campaign against Bill Barr is outrageous
William Barr, Donald Trump (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – It’s intentional, at any rate.  Trump is waging a tactical campaign with his tweets, seeming to express fury at Barr.  He tweets, but then in interviews he (Trump) says repeatedly that “we’ve” got the Russiagate/Spygate conspirators dead to rights. He sounds 100% confident about that, and relaxed and enthusiastic – the opposite of a man who’s frustrated and being stymied by top lieutenants dragging their feet.  A lot of folks still can’t see that for Trump, communication isn’t about precise expression, it’s about kinetics – and the motion vector isn’t necessarily what you think it is.]

The closing weeks of the campaign find President Trump berating William Barr, the attorney general who has served him and the country well. Trump’s increasingly strident complaints relate to the probe of his 2016 campaign, launched by the Obama administration. At Barr’s direction, the genesis and conduct of that probe have been under investigation since early 2019 by Connecticut U.S. attorney John Durham, a well-regarded career prosecutor.

Trump is ballistic that Barr and Durham have not prosecuted top Obama-administration officials, not least Vice President Biden, Trump’s opponent in this election, as well as the former president and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Trump’s opponent in the last election.


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The Obama administration and federal investigators clearly abused their powers in this matter. Yet, abuses of power do not often translate into prosecutable offenses codified by the federal penal code.

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