How Democrats hope to defeat Barrett’s nomination

How Democrats hope to defeat Barrett’s nomination

[Ed. – Sounds like a well-thought out plan, OK: Be as nasty and partisan as they were with Brett Kavanaugh.]

The stakes couldn’t be higher for Democrats, who are more optimistic than ever of making Schumer majority leader and putting Biden in the White House. Because Republicans are already committed to voting for her and can confirm her unilaterally, most of the drama in the committee surrounds how Democrats handle the nomination.

For Schumer, the task at hand is enormously important. Already the New York Democrat raised eyebrows when he briefly seized the Senate floor and forced a vote on protecting the Affordable Care Act, an unprecedented move for the minority leader. That vote was a key piece of Democrats’ campaign to tie Senate Republicans, Barrett and an Obamacare lawsuit together.

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He is calling his members on an almost daily basis to check in with them about how they might handle the hearing, trying to coordinate without the luxury of time or in-person party meetings due to the ongoing pandemic.

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