Does Trump actually want to win this election?

Does Trump actually want to win this election?
The calm before the storm. Trump, Biden, and Biden ally Wallace take the stage at the first debate in Cleveland, 29 Sep 2020. PBS video, YouTube

[Ed. – Other conservative pundits have been offering the same advice for months now, but it has been falling on deaf ears.]

If this is the most important election of our lifetimes, is it too much to ask that the president of the United States act like it?

The stakes are undoubtedly huge. The policy swing from a President Trump to a President Biden alone would be massive, and progressives are talking about ending the filibuster, adding states for more Democratic Senate seats, and packing the Supreme Court — changes meant to shift the balance of American government enduringly in their direction.

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If the existence of the country itself is on the ballot in November, why not prepare better for the debates? Why not use Twitter exclusively for messages that advance his cause rather than detract from them? Why waste any time on petty animosities and distractions? Why not write down a health care plan and a Covid-19 plan to blunt Biden’s most potent issues?

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