Pelosi vows to launch 25th Amendment gambit to remove Trump

Pelosi vows to launch 25th Amendment gambit to remove Trump
Nancy Pelosi (Image via Political Insider)

[Ed. – The self-exposure we keep seeing from Democrats is stunning.  Looking for a back door to invoke the 25th Amendment through doesn’t leave a mark on Trump; it just makes the Democrats look insane.  It’s a genuine concern what lengths they’ll go to in the coming months.]

Does it get any stupider than this?

So, unless some reasonably sane person talks her out of it, Speaker Pelosi is planning to roll out her 25th Amendment plan tomorrow to remove President Trump from office. Less than four weeks from Election Day, when there is not an iota of indication that he is under any disability that would prevent him from discharging his duties. And with not even the remotest chance of meeting the constitutional requirements to invoke the amendment.


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Section 4 [of the 25A] does trot out the possibility that Congress could enact a law creating a committee of some kind that could pronounce a president unable to function — in lieu of having a majority of the heads of the executive departments make that determination. Nevertheless … Section 4 says they must have the support of the vice president in judging the president incapacitated.

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