How Trump’s COVID case can propel him to victory

How Trump’s COVID case can propel him to victory
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[Ed. – Interesting ideas, but the time is too short and the ‘tiger changing his spots’ approach probably wouldn’t appeal to Trump.]

In a year filled with October surprises, we may have one more. As a political novelist, I’m on the lookout for stories with conflict, drama, and unexpected plot twists. Here’s one stimulating possibility: the Phoenix-like rise of Donald Trump.

Trump’s first Twitter video from Walter Reed medical center revealed a subdued president, clearly fatigued, his voice raspy. The video humanized him, and in a strange twist of fate, there is a three-week window to portray a more presidential Trump.

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The actions he can take to fuel the comeback might look something like this:

  • Rise above the attacks. …
  • No nicknames. “No Sleepy Joe” or “Crazy Nancy.” Be less divisive. …
  • Call Pelosi. Demonstrate bipartisanship. …
  • Remain aggressive, however. Be in command. Trump supporters do not want a neutered Trump, just a lower temperature on the rhetoric.

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