Rasmussen: Voters under 40 say Trump won debate – and even changed their vote

Rasmussen: Voters under 40 say Trump won debate – and even changed their vote
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[Ed. – That’s actually a pretty healthy percentage (24%) who say Trump’s debate performance changed their vote.  It’s not immediately clear that all of them meant their vote changed from Biden to Trump, but it’s interesting that Trump moved the needle so much with an unconventional appearance by a Republican.  Biden definitely looked like the candidate of bromides and convention.  His tone, in spite of how frequently he interrupted Trump, was reassuring to older folks, but I don’t think he helped himself with the formulaic rants on millionaires, billionaires, race, and “diversity.”  Those themes just don’t resonate.]

Voters under 40 years old are the only age group to think President Donald Trump won last Tuesday’s presidential debate with Joe Biden – and they’re, by far, the most likely to say the debate changed their mind about who they’re voting for, results of a new Rasmussen survey reveals.

The national survey of 1,000 likely voters, conducted September 30-October 1, 2020, finds that 44% of all U.S. voters think Biden won the debate, topping the 36% who say Trump won. Twenty percent (20%) aren’t sure which candidate won.

But, for voters under 40 who watched the debate, the results are reversed: 43% give Trump the win, 36% say Biden was the victor.

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