Fountain of youth … is a fecal transplant?

Fountain of youth … is a fecal transplant?
Large intestine (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – Taking stool from a healthy person and placing it in the colon of someone with a bacterial infection? No thanks.]

What’s the secret to eternal youth? … [A] new study suggests the answer to healing older brains may be hiding in younger guts. Researchers say fecal transplants not only affect your gut health, they can alter your brain too.

An international team finds fecal transplants from older to younger mice impacts the learning and memory abilities of the recipient. By altering the gut microbiome of the younger mice, researchers say they began to act more like their older donors. These changes included some of the same cognitive impairments older brains suffer from.

“Research has shown that the aging process may be linked with age-related changes in our gut microbiota,” Dr. David Vauzour from the University of East Anglia says in a release. “We wanted to see whether transferring gut microbes from older to younger mice could affect parts of the central nervous system associated with aging.”

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