Chris Wallace: In debate debacle, Trump ‘bears primary responsibility’

Chris Wallace: In debate debacle, Trump ‘bears primary responsibility’
Chris Wallace, Joe Biden (Image: YouTube screen grab via Fox News)

[Ed. – Whatever.  I think Trump sees it mostly as a feature, not a bug.  I’m pretty sure we won’t be hearing much about the first debate again, however.  It may have been the last presidential debate this cycle, and Pence and Harris are fairly certain to conduct themselves differently next week.]

Wallace said that he initially thought President Trump interrupting Democratic nominee Joe Biden was preferable to “these debates becom[ing] parallel news conferences” but “it became clearer and clearer over time that… the president was determined to try to butt in and throw Joe Biden off.”

The “Fox News Sunday” host pointed to an analysis indicating Trump interrupted Biden more than once a minute, saying “he bears the primary responsibility.”

Wallace suggested Trump’s frequent interruptions had been to his own detriment as well, telling Hemmer “I think if the President had stepped back and let Biden give his answers he could’ve been more effective in picking them apart.”

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