The war on critical race theory indoctrination is worth winning

The war on critical race theory indoctrination is worth winning

[Ed. – A racist abomination begun under Obama, who was a student of critical race theory.]

One of the more repulsive domestic aspects of the First World War in England was the “White Feather Campaign.” Though physically near-weightless, in its symbolism — male cowardice — the white feather was heavier than Tungsten. Women motivated by a hysterical form of patriotism would hand them to any able-bodied man they saw on the streets as a goad to enlisting (or re-enlisting). It was such a shaming experience that it often worked. But in the end, the campaign backfired, because it weaponized an essentially noble feeling and cruelly stigmatized many good and honourable men.

The white-feather campaign went dormant for 100 years, but it is back for deployment in a new kind of battle — a civilizational war in which patriotism has been replaced by oikophobia — cultural self-loathing induced by critical race theory (CRT), which has rewritten the origin story of western civilization in general and the US in particular.

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