The president is a sociopath. And 60 million Americans like it

The president is a sociopath. And 60 million Americans like it
Joe Biden, Donald Trump (Images: Left—Telemundo, right—Fox News video

[Ed. – Writes a man whose preferred candidate up and until a few weeks ago refused to condemn months of widespread rioting and looting by members of his party.]

The Cleveland debate was a miniature, 90-minute version of the last 4 years: depressing, exhausting, full of craziness and lies.

Who won? I don’t know. Honestly: I cannot understand how anyone with an IQ over 80 could have watched this disgrace and not come away understanding that the president of the United States is a sociopath.

But I’ll try to put myself in the mind of voters and tell you what I saw.

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Donald Trump dominated the debate. Utterly and completely. He was a doughy, orange honey-badger, yelling, shouting, cajoling, needling and — this is the important part — never shutting up. He kept ploughing ahead, no matter what. He bulldozed Chris Wallace. He bulldozed Joe Biden. He turned every question into what he wanted to talk about. He hit all of the notes he wanted: Burisma, stock market, shutdowns, Pocahontas.

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