London mayor wants household visits banned in city (yes, it means what it sounds like)

London mayor wants household visits banned in city (yes, it means what it sounds like)
London Mayor Sadiq Khan (Image: YouTube screen grab)

[Ed. – I’m not clear why it takes the prime minister to impose such a ban in the City of London, but Sadiq Khan is talking about banning groups of people getting together in each others’ homes; e.g., for football-watching parties and the like.  Notice that Khan’s follow-on accusation against Johnson makes no sense whatsoever.  Much of the leadership of the Anglophone world has gone stark raving bonkers – and somewhere around 25% of the population with it.  The Brits don’t have the saving feature of states like America’s, with local latitude to refrain from panic and overreach.]

[Khan] said he had lobbied Johnson to act rapidly by imposing tougher measures on London. “ … You’ve got to go early, particularly in the absence of testing,” he said.

Specifically, he said he demanded a ban on households mixing at home in London, as has already been imposed in Scotland, Wales and several regions in England. “One of the things that I said to the prime minister is: I think we should be following what’s happening around the country and stopping social mixing of households, and I say that with a heavy heart.”


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He accused the prime minister of seeking to blame the public for the spread of the pandemic. “For us to be told that we’re somehow responsible I think is offensive,” Khan said. “You get the impression that the government likes using this phrase ‘individual responsibility’ so they can point the finger at individuals who have caught the virus, as if we’re somehow culpable when, in fact, many of us are doing the right thing.”

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