Trump landslide is only way to save the republic as we know it

Trump landslide is only way to save the republic as we know it
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[Ed. – In other words, do what the Democrats hope to if they sweep, but in reverse.]

Idon’t want to sound overly melodramatic.

But I have come to the conclusion that the only way we will be able save our Republic is for Donald Trump to win an overwhelming electoral landslide.

Over the last several months, the Democrats have done and said things that demonstrate that they have little use for the Electoral College, the Supreme Court’s current configuration, the rules of the Senate that were designed to make it more difficult to pass far-reaching legislation without the consent of the substantial majority of the American people, the current map of the United States, or law and order.

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They have promised to scrap the Senate filibuster rule to help to pass legislation that will make the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico full-fledged states, presumably to make their majority in the upper chamber more secure for a generation.

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